Thursday, March 30, 2017

Marketing with Drones

The Spring housing market is always a hot one and you need a way to distinguish your homes from the multitude of others flooding the market every day. Thankfully RESH Marketing has a solution – drone videography.

The use of drones to promote your real estate properties is a unique way to set your homes apart and really highlight the full scope of the property.

According to a recent CBS article – drones are dramatically changing the face of real estate and their popularity is only increasing. The article highlights the benefits of drone videos including getting potential buyers to spend more time looking at the property.

While drones have become a hobby of sorts there are regulations and guidelines that need to be followed when making drone videos.  Only a professional should be hired and approved to take video of your property.

RESH Marketing offers affordable drone services for a variety of uses – including websites, social media and email marketing.

To see a sample of our work visit click the video above.

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