Friday, January 6, 2012

Pro-Housing Candidate Yet to Emerge in South Carolina

As the primary season officially begins, the economy remains an area of top concern for potential voters.  According to a survey conducted by RESH Marketing, there is an opportunity for a “pro-housing” candidate to capture the favor of voters who are primarily concerned with the state of the housing market in South Carolina and the U.S.

RESH Marketing administered their survey online to 2,540 housing industry professionals including builders, developers, and real estate agents.  The results of the survey indicate that respondents are unaware of housing related positions taken by any current Presidential candidate. 

According to Dr. Joey Von Nessen, a Research Economist at RESH Marketing and the University of South Carolina, “An overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that they were not aware of any of the candidates’ positions on housing - and when a candidate’s housing position was specifically referenced, support dropped by as much as 50%.”

This survey was administered before the Iowa caucus, and shows that respondents in general tend to favor Newt Gingrich.  Yet when asked which candidate best represents a pro-housing position, a sizeable minority chose “none of the above”.

As attention turns to the upcoming South Carolina primary, candidates will have an opportunity to separate themselves by articulating a specific position on housing.

“Housing is a major industry nationwide, historically comprising about 15% of GDP,” says Von Nessen. “It is a critical component of our economic recovery. With the candidates giving more and more attention to South Carolina between now and January 21, the housing industry will have a voice in the selection process.”

An opportunity for candidates to voice their position is at the Housing Rally hosted by the South Carolina Home Builders Association. The Rally aims to reinforce the importance of home ownership as part of the American Dream. The event will take place on the North Steps of the State House at 1pm on Thursday, January 12th.

This is a non-scientific survey and results cannot be used to infer opinions about the population at large. More information on the rally is available at